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K9G are focused on Health and Temperament

We have 3 core principles of :

  1. Selection - the right bloodlines, combinations of parents, vetting homes and matching dog to family;
  2. Science - utilising the latest DNA tests for hereditary disease screening and proven clicker training techniques; and
  3. Service - professionalism in our adoption processes and resource centre


Why K9G?

  1. We breed from european working lines, here in the UK.
  2. We screen extensively our bloodlines with particular focus on DNA testing for hereditary disease genetics.
  3. We raise, train and socialise within our family which is paramount when adopting into a family environment especially with children present.
  4. We only use positive training methods - clicker and reward based, not punitive or force based.
  5. We offer a professional service from transferring KC papers, microchips, insurance to providing a one stop approach at handover (we can bring full goods with us, crate, food, bowls etc).

What Health Screening should I be looking for?

Insist on extensive parental screening. You cannot eliminate risk when purchasing a living, breathing animal however you can susbstantially reduce your chances of adopting a canine with a serious hereditary disease. Puppy/dog obviously should be vet checked but parents should have hip, elbow and knee checks with MULTIPLE DNA test results. If you don't purchase from us, then feel free to use our list to make a checklist for your breeder. If the test is not screened pre-purchase then you could consider getting it done yourself after you get puppy home so you know whether your puppy/dog is clear, recessive or affected.

Prices, and What's Included?

Our pups start from £2500 at 8 weeks including the microchip, vaccines at 4 and 6 weeks including the extra vaccine Kennel Cough (so you can go straight into daycare, kennels, or simply to dog-park), 4 weeks insurance (if you are uK based) and flea/worm treatment. You can then add-on extras such as spay/neuter, extended stay (until puppy is old enough to go outside etc) or at 12 weeks + then puppy can commence lead and clicker training. Please note that if you adopt before 10 weeks old then you need to give a third vaccine at 10 weeks old then puppy can commence going outside for external training at 12 weeks old. Until then puppy needs to stay inside until immunity is strenghtened.

Young pups are then available aged over 12 weeks of age at various training stages. Price varies on age and training. 12 weeks old fully vaccinated with passport and ready for or started lead/clicker is £3500. After 4 months of age - guide price is £4000 +.

Partly Trained Puppies and Adult Dogs have bespoke training and are priced individually. Guide Price £5000 +