1 - Why a German Shepherd Dog?

We breed WORKING LINE German Shepherd Dogs – ie not the SHOW type you see on TV with the sloping backs and hind legs. Our dogs are straighter backed and our focus is on health, temperament and suitability for their traditional breed work – namely tracking, obedience and protection work.  If you opt for a puppy then they are available for adoption from the age of 8 weeks – 6 months old (partly trained puppies). The cost includes vaccines at 4 and 6 weeks of age (also the final 10 week vaccine if remaining with us), microchip (& transfer to you), kennel cough vaccine, spay/neuter (optional extra) and flea/worm treatments. Pups are vet-checked at least 3 times before leaving us and if adopted within UK we organise 4 weeks insurance.  Parents are extensively screened including hips, elbows, patellas, heart and we ensure it is IMPOSSIBLE for pups to be Affected by the common hereditary problems due to parental DNA testing.