Who am I?

My name is Rhodri Bowen, I live  South of Cardiff off the M4 (3 hours from London or roughly 2 hours from Birmingham).  I live in the countryside on the outskirts of the city and running a boarding and training kennel. My emphasis is on canine health and fitness for intended purpose combined with a temperament suitable for family life.

I have been breeding and training dogs since 2003. German Shepherds have been a passion for me since I bought my first imported Czech GSD. Hence, my focus is on these working European lines of german shepherd dogs.

We specialise in old fashioned looking, straight-backed Czech lines who can jump like a rabbit, run like the wind, turn and spin in a second.  GSDs who love climbing mountains with you so my focus is on canine structural strength particularly hip, elbow and knee screening. I also have a preference for more discreet smaller dogs believing that size and bulk is not necessarily an advantage for a dog living in townhouses with flights of stairs. That said Czech GSDs are definitely not small dogs, and certainly pack a punch!

My background is in Engineering, after University I travelled the world working in far-flung places doing something related to high voltage electricity, induction and automation  I  retired from world travel and now train and walk dogs full-time whilst running a boarding and training kennel in South Wales. I use positive reward-based methods such as clicker training with an emphasis on good lead technique.

The future - I am always looking forward 5 years in the future and ensure that there is sufficient diversity in our gene pool to sustain our lines' health, vigour and heritage. This prompted the decision to slowly and carefully select dogs to be the backbone of our program. The lines were chosen very carefully looking at temperament and health before looks, preferring sociable, friendly lines rather than excessive drive or high prey mentality.

I have trained and placed many dogs into therapy and assistance/charity roles even sold trained dogs into boarding schools and a nursery unit.

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