How much to pay for a German Shepherd puppy or partly trained dog is always tricky. Variance in the prices between breeders is confusing to families - we understand this. We often get asked why are some pups on the internet £200 and others £12000+? However, when you dive deeper it becomes apparent that the factors which influence the cost of a puppy are usually:

  1. Type of German Shepherd Dog - show or working lines? and pedigree
  2. What's Included in the price - vaccines, kennel cough, microchip transfer, spay etc?
  3. Parental health screening - the most tests then the more expense incurred
  4. Reputation and bloodlines

We have checklists and questions which we suggest you ask your chosen breeder to ensure you know firstly what you are buying and secondly what's included. This ensures that you compare like for like when assessing whether your adoption cost is reasonable or if you are paying too little/too much.

When paying your breeder please be aware of the possibility that the advert is a scam. We often have families join our waiting list after being duped by a convincing scam on popular websites advertising cheaper puppies.  Paying by a traceable method - ideally, visa debit or similar means you know where the money is going, to whom and may offer protection (speak to your card provider). We only take payment by visa debit or bank transfer into our business account or possibly Pingit if you prefer (into a business account).

If you are interested in adopting from us then our pups start from £3000+ and partly trained pups start at £4500( (prices increase with age and training). The majority of our pups are adopted by families who have had a puppy from us or have received a personal recommendation/referral from a happy customer. This is our preferred method of introduction for our dogs.