Selection, Science and Service

When we started breeding dogs, we focused on health and temperament, not looks. Yes, our dogs are attractive - however, this is not our priority. Over the last 10-15 years we have refined our core principles of breeding into 3 principles:

  1. Selection - we breed from European working and/or sport lines which are sociable and proven with children. We select combinations of parents to ensure a low inbreeding percentage. There are hereditary problems in dogs for which there is no DNA test available yet - by ensuring that parents have a low relationship co-efficient then we reduce the risk of parents BOTH having a recessive disease gene.  We then combine parents not only on their inbreeding ratios but the results of their extensive DNA screening test results.
  2. Science - we use technology in our breeding and training. In addition to traditional screening techniques such as x-rays, we utilise  DNA parental screening tests to ensure pups CANNOT be Affected by these diseases.  There are still hereditary problems for which there is no DNA test yet unfortunately but as science develops we add new tests. In our training - we only use positive, science-based techniques in particular clicker training. The clicker has been proven effective in conditioning animals to actively participate in their training - they want to work, as it's fun and rewarding for them!
  3. Service - we are professional breeders, not backyard or farmers. We run a waiting list, which you must request to join. We understand that purchasing a puppy is emotional and we genuinely enjoy being part of this process with you. For your convenience, we try to help as much as we can. Our adoption costs include age-appropriate vaccines including the extra kennel cough vaccine needed for doggy daycare etc, microchip (& transfer to you).  We offer a range of optional extras such as spay/neuter etc. We offer a comprehensive handover at the collection and will chat you through the crate, toilet training, grooming and we have all recommended items available for purchase with your dog.  We open products and show you how to use them, how to cut nails, how to brush etc. You can opt for home delivery and we export internationally.