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How to Start Adoption

Fill in the form below, then you'll receive full info about us, the breed, screening, availability and of course prices. Then complete the Puppy Preferences Form and Schedule a Call to join reservation list. Please complete the Contact Form first:

Our Adoption Process IN SUMMARY:

  1. Fill Out the "Contact Us" form on this page to receive e-mails
  2. Read Information on Health Screening, Breed/Training and Pricing etc
  3. Consider your preferences for size,  colour, gender, age and timing
  4. Complete the Preferences Form
  5. Book a chat with Us, at a time which suits you
  6. Request Bank Details
  7. Join the reservation list by deposit of £500 (balance £2500+ due on/prior to collection)
  8. Waiting time varies from immediate availability to 3-6 month
  9. You receive photos and updates once the pup/dog is identified
  10. We start preparing for collection/delivery. ALL CANINE GOODS ARE AVAILABLE FROM US.
  11. Collection or we offer licensed home courier
  12. We organise microchip transfer, activate insurance and assist with settling into a new home