Why Insist on Parental Screening?

Responsible dog breeders use the science of parental screening to reduce or eliminate disease risk BEFORE mating. This ensures that the puppies have the best start in life and you have less chance of something going wrong.

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Choosing a German Shepherd Dog Breeder you will have noticed  different tests and certifications - some have BVA numbers, others link to associations - some even use sporting titles to promote the dog as quality lineage.

Our Breed PDF is intended to help you navigate the common problems and screening available. Hopefully helping you to understand what you should be asking for and make an informed choice. We also have Guidance Sheets on Types of Gsds, Dog Law,  Age & Training Stages, and with our puppies and young dogs, we provide guidance on subjects such as Preparation, Toilet Training, Crate Training,  Teething and Care etc.

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