Sloped or Straight Back?

Crufts 2016 - Best in Breed Winner was described by critics as "half dog - half frog" due to sloped topline and hoppity gait.

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Types of GSDs

Researching German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) you will have noticed the visual diversity of the dogs for sale - some have sloping backs, others straight, various hair lengths, different sizes/colours and many have international sporting titles such as IPO or AD.  Some are even sold as “Guard-Dogs” with bite training. Even the name of the breed seems to differ between adverts  with breeders offering Alsatians, Berger Allemands, Deutscher Schäferhunds and Schäferhunds !

Our Breed PDF is intended to help you navigate the history, terminology and types of GSDs. Hopefully helping you to understand what you are buying and make an informed choice. We also have Guidance Sheets on Health Screening, Dog Law,  Age & Training Stages, and with our puppies and young dogs, we provide guidance on subjects such as Preparation, Toilet Training, Crate Training,  Teething and Care etc.

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